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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

So I found myself recently lost in a bit of a rabbit hole (in a good way!) of brilliant online content cropping up for children stuck at home, which I thought i'd share with you all.

I have a 16 month old son myself and as i'm sure i'm probably not the only one, I have found we tend to gravitate towards the same activities to keep us occupied whilst in lockdown. Most notably building duplo block towers and having, possibly too much fun, crashing them apart. We do a few laps round the block for our daily exercise, cause chaos in the kitchen with our two bunnies and watch a little bit of the legend that is Mr Thomas the Tank Engine (that's a lie. I think we might be watching quite a bit of old Thomas actually...) In addition to this I have raided my box of puppets, sung all the songs in my repertoire and we have devoured Ernie's book shelf countless times over.

So, with this in mind I went on the search for some creative inspiration and I have found SO much wonderful content out there spanning every age group. My son is only very young still so some of these are a bit old for us but I am so looking forward to using them in the future and I hope they prove useful to some of you out there too! Also, I've created my own Story Box challenges and published some storytelling adventures, which you can find on my YouTube channel below, please click through and subscribe:

Lauren and the Story Box

So, in no particular order, here are the other activities I have found, click on the titles to take you to the pages:

1. The Royal Albert Hall: Music and Storytelling for Early Years

This is SO lovely. Thank you so much to the team at the Royal Albert Hall for bringing this into our home. There are three sessions up so far, each around 15 minutes long (perfect amount of time for little ones!) The storyteller, Sam, has a very lovely calming manner and weaves musical instruments into a very well mixed repertoire of songs. A great session to do together in the comfort of your own front room!

2. Maddie and Greg's Let's GO Live: Science, Nature and Gardening YouTube Show

This is brilliant! All I can say is, I wish this was around when I was school age. For anyone home schooling whilst schools are closed currently this show is a gem! What's more it's on every weekday at 11am, so there's already so much fantastic content to catch up on. Last week was Dino week and next week is project Earth. It's exciting uplifting and fun. Highly recommend! Thanks Maddie and Greg!

3. The Five Minute Mum: Crafts and Games

In her own words, 'five minute, easy fun games for busy people to do with little kids'. I've been following Daisy Upton, aka. The Five Minute Mum on Instagram for a while now and often find myself sneaking a peak at her page to check out her latest games and activities. SO many Fantastic ideas to be found here! Plus, these can now all be found in her fabulous new book!

4. Golden Toad Theatre: Crafts and Projects

Head to their busy kids corner blog for art, craft, science projects and contests for kids posted every Tuesday at 10am. Really lovely page, clear instructions and great ideas!

5. Tales from the Dragonfly: Storytelling Podcast for Children

With this gorgeous podcast for children, storyteller Emily and her son Leo are bringing magic into our homes with the most enchanting tales from around the world, finishing each session with a fun activity to get stuck into at home. This is such a lovely listen and each week they do shout outs to children who write in!

6. Lockdown Learning: Home Schooling Made fun

In their own words, '3 mummas and teacher's giving super simple and fun ideas for home education.' This Instagram page is amazing, I can't recommend them enough! Incredibly creative, inspirational ideas for teaching at home. Mission Paw Patrol is a particular favourite of mine! Genius idea!

7. The British Museum: Sensory Storytelling

For something a little bit different head to the British museum's Early Morning Explorer's, sensory Storytelling. Storyteller, Olivier Armstrong, invites you to dive into the story of Odysseus with props easily sourced from your own home. Olivia's soft Irish, dulcet tones makes for a relaxing yet exciting escape into another world for 20 minutes.

8. London Dream Time: Tales of High and Low Magic

Here's a great one for the older children and grown ups to enjoy together (or if you have young children like me, one for you to enjoy once they're in bed!) In her own words, London Storyteller, Vanessa Wolfe 'hunts out the most special, secret magical corners in London and aims to fill them with amazing but simply told stories.' Her stories and music are 'often site specific, usually magical and sometimes very scary!' And now she is taking her latest event, Tales of High and Low Magic, online, magically recreating the location in her quarantined Peckham HQ. Oh I love a good story, i'm very excited for this one!

9. The Globe: Virtually Attend the Theatre

One of the silver linings of lock down is that many theatres are offering us the chance to stream their plays online and for free- What a wonderful opportunity! Having a toddler, I haven't had the chance to visit the theatre for a while now and so this got me super excited. Yes please to turning my living room into a theatre once my son's gone to bed to tune into some of these!

So, that's my recommendations for now. Don't forget to follow me, like and subscribe to my feeds on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for regular updates, tips and also lots of storytelling adventures!

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