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Storytelling Games for Creative Writing Inspiration

Looking for some creative writing inspiration to kick start a story of your very own? It can be tough to know where to begin. Over these past few weeks I have been recording a selection of my favourite storytelling games. I often play these with the children in my drama clubs and they always go down a treat! They’re something different, a little bit silly and a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy them as much as me and help to give you some creative inspiration!

Random Words

1.) Decide who is going to be the storyteller.

2.) The storyteller begins to make up a story out loud.

3.) The rest of the participants call out random words, which the storyteller has to incorporate into the story.

Check out my demonstration on my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsOJC0x-lyE

N.B. This game works best with just two players, one person as the storyteller and the other delivering the random words. If you have a large group of you try taking it in turns to play.

Random Objects

For this game you will need a box/ bag

1.) The participants begin by going on a treasure hunt around the house to collect a series of random (the more random the better!) objects.

2.) Place all the objects within a box or a bag. You can make this part of the game even more exciting by setting a time limit and having a countdown.

3.) Take it in turns to dip your hand into the box, lucky dip style and take out one of the objects. Hold the object up to the rest of the group and pretend it is something completely different!

What weird and wonderful objects will you invent?!

This is No Ordinary…

For this game you will need a box/ bag

1.) One participant leaves the room with the storytelling box/ bag and searches for a random object to hide inside it.

2.) When they return another participant takes out the object and has to make up a back story about it. The first sentence must begin, This is no ordinary…

3.) For example: This is no ordinary toothbrush. For this toothbrush belonged to the emperor Zorg of planet Galactica etc.etc.

Where will your imagination take you on this one? This is one of my favourites, it can be more challenging than you might at first expect and can really inspire and kickstart a great story!

Check out my demonstration on my YouTube channel here:


A Normal Day But…

For this game you will need a piece of paper and a pen each plus a box or a bag.

1.) Each participant starts by writing down one completely out of the ordinary event. It could be something funny that’s happened to you in the past or something totally made up.

2.) Collect everyone’s events together (folded up) and place them all inside your box or bag.

3.) Take it in turns to be the storyteller. Begin to make up a very ordinary story about a normal day. Half way through your story, pick out an event at random from your box and incorporate it into your story.

What surprises will you be incorporating into your story with this one? Where will your story take you?!

Check out my demonstration on my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bODXVXi0tvc

The Folded Paper Story

For this game you will need a piece of paper and a pen.

1.) The first person begins by writing two sentences of a made-up story on a piece of paper. They then fold the paper to cover the first sentence, leaving just the second sentence eon show.

2.) The next person reads the sentence and continues the story, adding another two sentences and then folding the paper again to hide their first sentence.

3.) This process is repeated all the way around the circle for as many times as you like.

4.) At the end, unfold the paper and nominate someone to read out the whole story.

Be prepared to have a good laugh for your story may well be a little ridiculous!

Check out my demonstration on my YouTube channel here:


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