Check out my online storytelling YouTube Channel below. You'll find Story Challenges, Story Adventures and Lauren's Historical Stories. Some of them were commissioned by culture and education sector organisations, some were filmed and posted just for fun, hope you enjoy!

If you'd like me to create some online storytelling content, or you'd like a Live Streamed session, then please contact me using the link below.


Top Picks

Here's a selection of my top picks from across all my video categories, enjoy!


About Lauren and the Story Box

Videos created to provide more information on my Storytelling and Presenting work.


The Watchman's Tower Time Travelling Adventure

Come and join me on my Time Travelling Adventure at Knebworth House. Created for Knebworth House and posted every day on their Facebook Page at 4pm from 21st - 25th September. In this series I travel back through history to uncover 5 key questions about Knebworth’s history.


Lauren's Historical Stories

Recently I discovered something truly amazing. I've worked out how to travel...  BACK IN TIME! Let's travel back together and learn about some amazing people in Lauren's Historical Stories.


Super Speedy Stories

Can I tell a story in 60 seconds? Let's find out shall we! Join me as I race against the clock to complete some classic tales before the klaxon cuts me off!


Story Box Challenges

Here I take you through a selection of fun Story Games and Challenges that you can try out with your friends and family at home. All of them are super simple to set up and inspire creative writing and literacy!


Story Adventures

In my Story Adventures I retell some exciting classic tales, all performed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own homes! So, step into your story suit, put your imagination goggles on and join me on an adventure!


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