Check out my history and storytelling videos for children below. You'll find Lauren and the Pocket Watch time travelling adventures, Story Box Challenges and Story Adventures. Some were commissioned by culture and education sector organisations and some were filmed and posted just for fun! 

If you have an online project you would like to discuss, whether that be presenting, storytelling, or a live streamed workshop, then drop me message using the link below and I will be happy to help.


Top Picks

Here's a selection of my top picks from across all my video categories, enjoy!


Lauren Learns History

I’ve teamed up with my fellow history buff husband Ian, to make a history channel for kids! In each episode we visit a different museum or historic site and bring you guys along on the journey with us. Our aim is to inspire families to visit the sites we film and uncover some of the exciting stories we feature on our channel for themselves!


Lauren and the Pocket Watch

Recently I discovered something truly incredible. Using my magic pocket watch, I can travel... BACK IN TIME! And best of all it's powered by nothing but YOUR imaginations. So, let's get exploring! Close your eyes Hold on tight and IMAGINE THE PAST! Filmed on location at Knebworth House as part of National Lottery Heritage funded project.


Story Box Challenges

Here I take you through a selection of fun storytelling games and challenges that you can try out with your friends and family at home. Aimed to inspire creative writing and literacy, you can play these anywhere at anytime and they are all super simple to set up.


Story Adventures

In my Story Adventures I retell some exciting classic tales, all performed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own homes! So, step into your story suit, put your imagination goggles on and join me on an adventure!


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